Why Plan?

Why use a financial planner?

If you have no time or desire to do it yourself, a professional can help you identify your priorities and team with you to develop an ongoing strategy.

When you need to make decisions about money, you’ll have the information and confidence to make your financial decisions. Then, you can spend your valuable time on those things most important to you.

We can help you if you are:

• A young professional who wants to start out on the right foot
• Transitioning to a new career or place of employment
• Preparing for a marriage or divorce
• Planning for retirement
• Facing a financial crisis such as a serious illness, layoff or natural disaster
• Caring for aging parents or a disabled child
• Handling the inheritance of a large sum of money or other unexpected financial windfall
• Buying, selling or passing on a family business
• Buying, selling or refinancing a home or investment real estate

What does a financial planner do?

Financial Plan: We evaluate your total financial situation – not just your investments. We seek to understand the things that are most important to you.

We team with you and provide sensible advice that works. Along with a snapshot of your current position in life, we give you a glimpse of the possibilities for your future.

We provide a written plan of action, so you will be equipped with the best tools to make informed financial decisions.

Portfolio Management: We can evaluate, adjust and monitor your investment portfolio so that it is in line with your lifestyle and the objectives of your financial plan.

How do we get paid?